Scheduled Import : max videos to import per day

  Youtube scheduled import videos per request is the max videos to import in every check   Max videos that you can import per day = day hours * Cron job executed every hour  * max videos to import in every check Max videos that you can import per day = 24 * 1 * 5 = 120 videos per day   Note: the result of the equation above is correct [...]

How to integrate YVTWP with my theme

YouTube Videos To WordPress Posts provides a clean way to integrate with any WordPress theme. No coding skills needed! The settings are available in a visual mode. 1- If your theme is based on shortcodes. For that, you just need to put the {{video_url}} tag in the post content OR the WordPress embed code [ embed ]{{video_url}}[ /embed ] OR [...]

Many videos are being imported with no Feature Images, while other are.

This is because there are many images that have a bigger size that should have

Can the plugin import all video from a user

Yes, you can query the videos by (user, channel, playlist, search query, single video)

Are you planning any updates to allow the inclusion of a social locker or popover ad?

To see the imported video you just need to put the video shortcode in the social locker or popover like this. [sociallocker] {{video_url}} [/sociallocker]

Is there a way to prevent ‘related videos’ being displayed at the end of each video?

The 'related videos' should be managed by your theme, our plugin only import videos as regular posts.

Does the plugin embed the video in a post the same way as a standard youtube video being dropped in a post?

Yes, our plugin provides access to various video fields like {{video_key}}  {{video_url}} {{video_title}}  {{video_description}} .... that you can use with any other video shortcode or with custom fields if your theme uses them to store videos data like video URL or video key. Example : {{video_url}}